Community Supported Acupuncture of Louisville

Community Supported Acupuncture of Louisville

Invest in your community, invest in yourself

Affordable Acupuncture in Louisville, Quality Care

CSAcu – Community Supported Acupuncture operates on a sliding scale of $40-$100, pay what you can.

A unique clinic offering gentle, effective, Japanese-style acupuncture and every friday group acupuncture.

The reduced price at the clinic does not reflect the quality of care you will receive. Mateo believes that each person deserves his absolute best, while also being able to afford treatments. The CSAcu model aims at striking that balance between personal, compassionate, quality care with affordability. His experience working in overworked public clinics as well as in private, individual settings has led him to develop this unique approach.

Healthy Individuals =

Healthy Community

Access to affordable health care is crucial to helping a community thrive.  We observe that too often in our society, healthy activities like eating healthy local produce, as well as health care, come at a price inaccessible to everyday people.  Like the agriculture model, Community Supported Acupuncture of Louisville  allows more people to be able to afford healthy activities.

 Donation-only Days 

EVERY FRIDAY 10am – 2pm

Community support allows the clinic to be open for anyone, regardless of their ability to pay.

Help Community Supported Acupuncture reach its goal of being completely sustainable by becoming a member or by making a contribution – a little goes a long way

18% Community Supported... and Growing!