Dear CSAcu Community,

I hope this message finds you well in these difficult times. As the situation is evolving, I wanted to give an update on clinic policy and closure. As of today, April 27, Gov. Beshear has indicated that Phase 1 businesses are allowed to reopen. While CSAcu technically falls under that category, the Board of directors and our advisors have decided to take a conservative and cautious approach to re-opening our doors. We will continue to remain closed until there has been a decline in cases for at least 14 days, as per international recommendations. This is in the interest of all patients of CSAcu as well as all our greater community in the Louisville area and beyond. We all appreciate your patience and understanding about these decisions, and apologize for the inconvenience of rescheduling or postponing of appointments.

In this interim we are making many improvements in our offices to be able to address the “new normal”, anticipating long-term ramifications of Covid-19 prevention and precaution measures. We will keep everyone updated on these new procedures and protocols, but will certainly include screening before each visit, mandatory use of masks during treatments, among others. Please stay tuned for updates.

We will also send out a final update when we have made a decision to officially re-open. We won’t be flooding your inbox! You’ll be able to find updates about clinic status on the Facebook page as well as the website.

We are eager to get back to work and see your smiling faces! All in good time. Meanwhile, please continue to prioritize all your self-care activities, including exercise, healthy eating, good sleep, and all other stress-relief.

In health and solidarity,

Mateo Bernal, Executive Director