One Thousand Hands Buddha

Qigong Workshop

What is Qigong? Can Anyone Learn It?

Sometimes spelled Chi Kung, Qi Gong, or Qigong, the meaning is the same. Comprised of two Chinese words, Qi, roughly translated as “energy”, and Gong – “effort” or “work”. Essentially, the term refers to any number of exercises, visualizations, and breathing work that are intended to “work” the “energy”. Many styles exist, whether standing or seated, moving or still. Regardless, they all focus on enhancing the mental, emotional, and physical health and wellbeing of the individual who practices. As is implied in the name itself, Qigong demands that you put in effort in order to reap the benefits. No previous meditation or Qigong experience is necessary, just an open mind and heart!

What is One Thousand Hands Buddha?

It is a Qigong form passed down over many generations in China in the Liu family. It was shared with Mateo Bernal by Master Liu He in 2007.

Topics in the Workshop

The workshop will primarily focus on teaching the deeply meditative and peaceful seated technique, One Thousand Hands Buddha. With regular practice, the form can aid in relaxation, relieving mental and emotional tension, and “eliminating the toxins of the mind”.

General Qigong theory, Qigong self-massage, and a simple standing Qigong form of the Jin Jing Gong method (Tendon and Muscle Changing Qigong) will also be taught.

Who is Mateo?

Mateo is a Qigong practitioner and teacher, as well as an acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist. He will be sharing this technique for the first time in Louisville

At Community Supported Acupuncture

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